1. DAVID & GOETZ playing the world largest piano-duo-concert in music history in Hamburg/Germany

    D&G.1 Barclycard Arena HH Totale

    D&G Barclaycard Arena HH 30.01.16


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    DAVID & GOETZ played the biggest piano-duo-concert in the history of music at the BARCLAYCARD ARENA HAMBURG (O2 WORLD HAMBURG) on January 30th 2016 in the presence of 6000 ticketbuying spectators. The two KAWAI-Grand-Pianos were sensational. The BILD-Zeitung, the largest German newspaper wrote: “Triumphant homerun of both Hamburg pianists DAVID & GOETZ! Both artists achieved overwhelming applause and Standing Ovations. It is unbelievable what and how they play on two Grand Pianos!” and rated the show with 5 from 6 stars. The show was recorded for German TV and will go on international tour. But first DAVID & GOETZ are happy to play their Germany-Tour until May 2016.

  2. Triumphant NEW Show “WITH HEART AND HAND” opened in Herford/Germany

    Endless applause and two standing ovations after the opening night of the new show WITH HEART AND HAND made this premiere an unforgettable experience to both artists. DAVID & GÖTZ would like to express their strongest THANK YOU to the audience at State Theatre Herford and to the team of the theatre. This new show will be now be touring internationally till 2017. Subscribe to our newsletter now and receive a mp3-file of the title song WITH HEART AND HAND for free.


  1. 30.09.2016 Gut Klostermühle

    7:30 p.m.: concert at Gut Klostermuehle, for Details please click HERE

  2. 09.10.2016 Andernach

    8 p.m.: concert at Mittelrheinhalle Andernach, Tickets are available HERE

  3. 15.10.2016 Leonberg

    8 p.m.: concert at Stadthalle Leonberg, Tickets: 07152/9755-0, and

  4. 17.10. and 18.10.2016 Bielefeld

    INTHEGA convention at Stadthalle Bielefeld

  5. 29.10.2016 Hillerse

    8 p.m.: concert at Hillerser Hof, Hauptstraße 36, 38543 Hillerse, Tickets are available at local box offices

  6. 05.11.2016 Bad Reichenhall

    8 p.m.: concert at Cultino, Wittelsbacherstr. 17, 83435 Bad Reichenhall, Tickets are available HERE

  7. 11.11.2016 Berlin

    Exclusive event at the Velodrom